Design Thinking at Home

Design Thinking at Home – Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to solving problems.

In September 2013 my husband applied to Stanford for a course on Design Thinking. We travelled as a family and that trip changed our lives for many reasons, the most significant through Deane’s almost big bang scale mind shift after completing his course, we quickly morphed into a Design Thinking family.

Our 2 eldest children, then then 7 and 5 years old were easily taken by the method. During our trip to America we conquered our apprehension of long flights with children and large airports (thank you Koru). We fulfilled our girls wildest dreams of going to Disneyland (and secretly our own as travelling with kids gives you license to indulge all your own childish desires) and we changed forever the way our family collaborated and communicated with each other.

What does Design Thinking mean for our family?

It means we have family meetings with sticky notes and sharpies with a large whiteboard for all our ideas. Every member of our family big and small contributes ideas and passions to our topics as well as possible solutions and outcomes. Those that can’t write draw their ideas and have a chance to explain what they have drawn. It has enabled our kids to listen with open minds. Our family discussions are more positive and are more likely to bring forth a resolution where everyone has been heard without judgement.

Ultimately for me it has been a great way to brainstorm creatively and collaboratively both at work and at home.